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World of Tanks XVM Auto Installer 2.1


This tool allows you to install eXtended Visualization Mod or update it to its latest version. Currently still working with XVM 4.1.1. For WOT ver 8.8 Download here

It will automatically download required files and unpack them in your World of Tanks installation folder, you have nothing to do except clicking one button since the application will detect all the needed settings and directories by itself.

Once executed, you can launch World of Tanks from a new shortcut on your desktop .


  • Automatic installation folder detection; even if you don’t really know where you installed World of Tanks, my utility will find it easily.
  • Old XVM configuration file backup.
  • XVM Updater features ready-to-use configurations without win chances by default, simply tick the corresponding option to enable them.
  • You can also enable the last XVM feature: the Minimap however in some server this might not work
  • Last XVM version & tests support: simply use the drop-down menu to choose the desired version you want to install.

Q: XVM seems to not work properly, even if I install it manually, what can I do?
A: The Dokan library used by XVM to retrieve stats need the following Microsoft packages in order to work properly. Uninstall it from the Control Panel (Programs & Features > Dokan Library 0.8.0 > Uninstall) then install this:

Launch XVM Updater one time again afterwards.

Q: How does the ‘Keep old XVM configuration file’ option works?
A: Once you update to the latest game version, your res_mods/0.8.x folder is no longer used, so the utility will simply copy your old configuration file and put it back in your last XVM version installation directory. Use this option if you don’t want the standard configuration created by the XVM’s creators. If you already have a custom configuration file, checking this option will preserve it.

Q: Why a folder with Dokan files appeared while installing XVM for the first time?
A: It’s a normal behavior due to Dokan library installation, I can’t do anything to disable it unfortunately.

Q: My computer freeze / hang / BSOD after login in with XVM, Why is that ?
A: Your antivirus is blocking dokan , please disable antivirus in order for dokan to work. It is known that Bitdefender and ESET NOD32 does not work with dokan.

This Mod is made by LaCourgette


World Of Tanks XVM Updater 2.1
XVM Updater ver 8.8

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